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Home Study

We encourage families who would like to explore home-study catechism to try it!  If you’re a veteran home-study family, please let us know what we can do to support you. If this will be your first year of home-study, you must register with the Parish.

The Faith Formation Department will provide appropriate

*Study guides and a general timeline to help you stay organized

*A lot of support and accountability

*Parish events

If your child will be in a sacrament year, we only recommend home study for interested families only if they had a successful
2016-17 catechism home study school year.  If you’ll be a new home study family (or returning to home study after an absence) please note: we can NOT recommend first-year home study during sacrament prep years.

Program Expectations:

1. Registration form and tuition

2. Our Pastor, Father Bill urges families to understand the FIRST expectation of our Home Study program is attendance at Sunday Mass, every week (unless illness or travel prevents it.)

3. Time:  we expect families to adhere to the general study guide and timeline provided by the Faith Formation department.

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