Specially-abled and Special Circumstances Catechesis

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Specially-abled and Special Circumstances Catechesis

Specially-abled and Special Circumstances Catechesis and Sacrament Prep:

Do you have older kids who have not yet been baptized?
Or older children who have not received First Eucharist?
Does your child have special learning needs?

We are VERY HAPPY to help!!I

Inclusion Ministry 
is whatever families tell us they need to help bring our specially-abled brothers and sisters closer to Jesus, closer to their St Thomas Parish Community, and more fully participating in the Eucharistic Liturgy!

Our specially-abled brothers and sisters in Christ are:

*Included, if they choose,  in appropriate parish classes with Inclusion Ministers to help them integrate.

* Specially prepared to receive sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.  We schedule these sacraments (except for Confirmation) according to the needs of the individuals.

* Invited to participate in Sunday Liturgy in a special and meaningful way.

Most of all, our Specially-Abled Brothers and Sisters are the Face of Christ among us.  We recognize that.  We cherish them.  We value them.  We’re humbled by God’s gift of them to us.   We call these brothers and sisters  ‘SpeciallyAbled’ because we recognize that they have a most special ability to help us, their typical friends, by broadening our love, growing our humility, and igniting our joy!!!

Please call or email me and we’ll talk about the specific needs of your specially-abled family member and how best to meet those needs!

Monica Pope
734 761 8606 x 2902

Special Circumstances Catechesis
is designed to the children in the family receive the sacraments appropriate for their ages, and to be integrated as soon as possible with their age-mates in parish catechesis.

It is also designed to help welcome  families who have been away from the Church to integrate with Parish catechesis and with Parish Life.  If you’ve been away for a while– even if it’s been a long while, call!  St Thomas parish warmly welcomes you and your children home!
Monica Pope
734 761 8606 x 2902


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