Confirmation Preparation

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Why Confirmation? 

Because at Pentecost, the disciples received the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!  In the same way, with the same power, truth, and love, Jesus Christ has always desired to pour out His Holy Spirit on you!!

The reception of the sacrament of Confirmation is necessary to complete baptismal grace!  Through Confirmation, you will be more perfectly bound to the Church.  You’ll  be enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit!    You’ll become a  true witness of Christ. And you’ll be more able and obliged to spread and defend the faith by word and deed!   (from the CCC 1285)

In other words, you will have fully received your TRUE PURPOSE in life.  And you’ll be fully equipped for your TRUE PURPOSE in life– to live as a disciple of and in relationship with Jesus Christ, God, and Savior who loves you!

Why Confirmation Prep at St Thomas? Confirmation Prep at St Thomas is a purposeful, rigorous, inspiring and FUN endeavor!

Some candidates have told us it’s truly a life-changing experience!  We combine face-to-face teaching, charitable works and journaling, great video teachings, very exciting and fun youth group experiences, and a

SUPER retreat to create a Confirmation preparation experience that’s meaningful and engaging to teens!  AND we value and support parents in their God-given role as their teen’s first teacher of the faith!

What is required of the Candidate?

1.  The PRIMARY requirement of Confirmation candidates at St Thomas is the same primary requirement of Candidates throughout the whole world– weekly attendance at Sunday Mass!!

2.  The next requirement is that the baptized candidate desires, or is at least WILLING to desire the fullness of the Holy Spirit!!

3.  The candidate must be willing to (with help and guidance, if needed) start to create his/ her own personal prayer life~ his/ her own time with the Lord.

4.  The specific program requirements are these:

Candidate attends an approved basic catechism program (in addition to Confirmation prep)

Registration form, baptism certificate for all students, and tuition

Candidate and Sponsor/ Parent attend all (6)  Confirmation Prep Sessions

Candidate completes Charitable Works Hours and Journaling (instructions will be sent home at time of registration)

Candidate and Sponsor/ Parent complete On-Line Session in December

Candidate submits Confirmation Statistics Recording Page

Candidate has two Interviews with Father Bill

Candidate attends  2 per-semester additional catechesis or youth group experience (DC3, a Catholic youth event, etc.)

Candidate attends Retreat

Confirmation Mass rehearsal and  Confirmation Mass

The specific requirement details are these:

Candidates are expected to demonstrate committed attendance.  Our Pastor, Father Bill has made it very clear that sports and other recreational events are NOT acceptable reasons to be absent from events.


2017-18 Calendar

Session 1

"The Definition of You = God's Love" 
And "Saints to Know"

November 12
after 9:00 AM Mass
December 5
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Session 2:

(This topic at this time, is required for EVERYONE)
"What Jesus Really Did--"
"The Great Exchange-- Incarnation and Divinization"

December 10
9:00 AM Mass

Session 3:

"In It to Win It-- Best Practices of the Catholic Teen"

Jan 7
after 9:00 AM Mass
Jan 21
2- 4:00 PM

Session 4:

"Give Me Three Reasons to Stay Here-- Why Teens
Abandon their Relationship with the Lord in His Church"

Feb 4
2 - 4:00 PM
Feb 11
after 9:00 AM Mass

Session 5:

"The Four Last Things"

Feb 13
6:30 - 8:30 PM
March 11
after 9:00 AM Mass

April 14 all day Retreat

(Required for every candidate)

Lessons small groups games and activities:
"Who is God"
"Who is Man"
"Why Jesus"
"Union with God-- Life of Union-- Virtue More, Sin Less"
"Holy Spirit-- Big Gifts and Bigger Gifts"


Cost: $80 per Child

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