First Sacrament Preparation

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First Sacrament Preparation

Hello!!!   Calendar for This Program Will Be Posted
August 1, 2017

Our First Sacrament Preparation Program
is for baptized 2nd and 3rd grade students who haven’t yet received First Eucharist. We have created our program to help teach children (and remind parents!) of Jesus’ tender love for them, as especially expressed through His Gift of His own Body and Blood in Eucharist and through the beautiful and merciful sacrament of Penance.

Our Program Expectations:
Children are expected to attend BASIC CATECHISM
FOUR PARISH EVENT, dates listed below
FOUR additional PARENT TASKS listed below
and LAST BUT NOT LEAST (see below)!!!!!!!!

Your child needs to be attending basic catechism somewhere:
* St Thomas school or another Catholic School
*Domestic Church Community Catechism (DC3)
*Home Study (with restrictions)


1.  Enrollment Mass, Breakfast and Teaching session:
Saturday November 11 (9:00 am Mass till noon)

2.  First Penance Retreat and Sacrament and Celebration!!
Saturday February 24 (9:00 am Mass till noon)

3.  First Eucharist Retreat
Saturday April 28  (9:00 am Mass till 12:30)

4.  First Eucharist Mass and Rehearsal
Mass, Saturday May 12, 9:00 am
Rehearsal May 9 or 10 (to be determined)  6:00- 7:30 pm


1. Weekly attendance at Sunday Mass!!!

2. There will be TWO home-study packets for parents to complete with their child.
These are VERY user-friendly!!!
There is one packet (with 4 booklets) for First Reconciliation.
There is one packet (with 3 booklets) for First Eucharist.
The First Reconciliation packet will be given out at the November session.
The First Eucharist packet will be given out at the March
(First Reconciliation) session.

3. There will be ONE Parent on-line session (to be sent to you via email in January)

*THE SONG!!!!   Children will practice the First Eucharist Mass Song
The SONG!!!

1. Registration form, baptism certificate for all students,  and tuition

LAST BUT NOT LEAST !!!!!   We expect families to demonstrate committed and consistent attendance at these events.  Both our pastor, Fr Bill, and our parochial vicar, Fr Todd,  have been very clear about this– sports and other recreational events are NOT acceptable reasons to be absent from Sacrament Prep.

*** Registration will open August 1, 2017***

Cost: $80 per Child

St. Thomas The Apostle

Address530 Elizabeth St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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